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A veteran journalist with 43 years of writing experience, F. Martin Harmon was most recently public relations director at Roosevelt Warm Springs, the historic facility founded by Franklin D. Roosevelt, and before that a sports information director working alongside legendary coaches like Jerry Tarkanian and "Lefty" Driesell.


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Nine of our American presidents first entered the White House without being elected to that post. Four were elevated by the natural deaths of their predecessors, four ascended due to assassinations, and most recently, one was forced into office by a history-making resignation. Despite all entering under terrible circumstances, some would prove successful, achieving lasting fame (or at least re-election); some would reshape the nation and political landscape in both good and bad ways; some would anxiously accept their new station in life with obvious leadership skills, while others never wanted or measured up to the enormous responsibility; and while some could almost be ranked among our best presidents ever, some, rightly or wrongly, have always been considered among our worst. Regardless, they are forever linked by the burden that was thrust upon them. How each dealt with that burden, their biographies, and the comparisons that can be drawn from their individual sagas as "accidental presidents" is the subject of a new and previously unaddressed manuscript by F. Martin Harmon. Stay tuned...


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Beginning June 2014 with the release of the Warm Springs Story - Legacy & Legend and continuing through the debuts of Charles "Lefty" Driesell: A Basketball Legend (November 2014) and Long Haul Legacy: SMC3 and the Evolution of Motor Freight (January 2016), F. Martin Harmon has made an ever-growing number of author appearances. Among these have been presentations to various civic, history, senior, literary, and industry-related groups, as well as book signings in places like welcome centers, bookstores, coffee shops, libraries, basketball games, and conference halls.

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